Signature Facial

Whether you have flawless skin or concerns about acne, inflammation or aging, this treatment is right for you! Our signature facial is customized using product lines from Buffalo Gal Organics to address your skin’s current needs and includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (if necessary), mask treatment, and moisturization. 

60 minutes ⏤ $110

Deluxe Facial

Elevate your Signature Facial experience with an ice globe and gua sha facial massage. A rose quartz gua sha stone strokes the skin to move lymph and reduce puffiness, improve skin tone and appearance of fine lines. Chilled glass globes glide over the skin to further soothe puffiness and inflammation. 

75 minutes ⏤ $135

Dermaplaning Facial

Our Signature Facial with an edge – unwanted peach fuzz and dead skin cells are removed with a scalpel allowing for better absorption of skin care products. This painless treatment will leave your skin refreshed and glowing! 

75 minutes ⏤ $130

Back Facial

Pampering those hard to reach areas, this is a relaxing treatment great for people who experience back acne or eczema, or who just want a good exfoliation and hydration. 

60 minutes ⏤ $105

Mini Facial

If you’re on the go, this quick treatment will refresh your skin without all the bells and whistles and is focused on your #1 skin concern. 

30 minutes ⏤ $75

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